What should I do if I am looking for an agent?

If you are looking for an agent to represent you, so you are not looking for a manager for a specific project. You can contact us by email and tell us who you are, what experience you have and what you are working on.

A short note introducing yourself, a playlist or a portfolio with some music you have created, a portfolio or reel including your most outstanding works will be useful.

It helps us to know what you think are your qualities or particularities and if you want to take your profession towards a particular area.

We always respond.

Can I apply for the agency if I already have an agent in another field or country?

If you have an agent who represents you in the audiovisual field, you are not eligible for the JUNY agency, unless this other agent accepts that JUNY is your exclusive agency in Spain.

If you have an agent who represents you in another professional field (for example, as an actor/actress, interpreter, etc.) and doesn’t represent you in the audiovisual field, you are eligible for the JUNY agency.

What should I do if I am looking for a management service?

You can contact us and we will evaluate it together. Business Management is prepared so that you can hire only the services you need for a specific period of time.

Can I have another agent and contract a business management service?

Yes, as long as your agreement with another agent doesn’t expressly prevent it.

Dou you sign contracts on my behalf? Do you invoice on my behalf?

No. All contracts are signed by you and all invoices are generated by you. At JUNY you will find all the help you need to do it in both cases.

I have no experience, but I would like to start working. Can JUNY help me?

JUNY is a service for composers who are already working and have experience.

If you don't have experience, we can advise you on ways to get it, but we can't introduce you to projects from the agency.

Can I contract only part of JUNY’s services?

Yes, you can hire only the services you need through Business Management services.

Does JUNY only work in Spain?

No. We work all over the world.

Do you submit more than one composer for each project?

No. We submit only one application per project, the one we consider most appropriate based on musical/artistic skills.

JUNY composers don’t compete with each other.

I’m instrumentalist, director, arranger or producer. Can I apply for JUNY agency?

We are working on the creation of a department specialized in more technical and soloist profiles.This new department will not start working until the end of 2021.

In the meantime, we can provide you with a Business Management service.

Does JUNY manage copyrights or performance rights?

Yes, if you need it, you can hire him, and we can manage it in several ways.

What kind of productions would you introduce me to?

To audiovisual productions: cinema, TV series, documentaries, special projects (events, TV shows, ...) and, if it's your profile, to advertising projects and corporate productions.

In general, productions that take place in Europe, even if they originate from any country in the world.